The Most Multi-Function Blowout Preventer is designed to simplify the well by combining a number of well head equipment into one. The Multi-Function BOP incorporates the blowout preventer, tubing rotator, flow line port and a coil tubing/foaming port. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Most Multi-Function Casing Head. Once installed it never needs to be removed during service rig operations, saving time and most importantly saving money.

  • Saves an estimated 3 hours in servicing as the MF BOP does not need to be removed, leaving the flow line hooked up. The rods and tubing can be pulled through the annular opening, if required.
  • Built-in BOP polished rod rams are available in 1-1/4” and 1-1/2”.
  • Offset rams provide positive alignment.
  • Ram and ram stems are nitrided to prevent galling.
  • Ram seals and inserts are designed for easy replacement in the field.
  • Positive ram stop is incorporated so rams close in the center equally.
  • MF BOP can be ordered with or without a built in rotator.
  • Rotator’s lock down screws and worm gear are nitrided to prevent galling.
  • The vertical load capacity on the rotator – dynamic 32,000 lbs. and static 126,000 lbs. (1 RPD is considered static).
  • Shear collar on drives system, manual or electric to prevent over torque on tubing.
  • Electricmotors available in 12, 110, 230/460 volts.
  • Manufactured from NACE material to meet API 6A.
  • Side outlets: 1- 2” line pipe and 1-3” line pipe. (Other sizes and configurations available upon request.)
  • Temperature Class L -46°C (-50°F) to 80°C (+180°F).
  • Built-in port for coiled tubing or foaming.


7 2000 4000
8-5/8″ 2000 4000

*Configurations available upon request.