The Most Downhole Tubing Rotator extends the life of the production tubing by allowing the entire inside circumference of the tubing to wear evenly.It is connected below the tubing hanger or one joint below as part of the production tubing of a Progressing cavity (PC) pumping system. For the Downhole Tubing Rotator to function, it must receive torque from the tubing string that is connected to the PC pump. The PC pump creates torque that is different for each well. This torque is normally dissipated through the tubing string back to the surface where the tubing is secured at the hanger or trapped by the torque anchor at the PC pump. The Downhole Tubing Rotator will allow the tubing to rotate at a controlled rpm using its internal braking system. The rotator eliminates the need for a down hole clutch swivel and torque anchor.

  • Connects directly to a 3 ½” EUE production tubing.
  • 30 3/8” in length with an OD of 4.5” and ID of 2.995”.
  • Slim hole design leaves room for coiled tubing to pass.
  • Rotates clockwise and locks anti-clockwise.
  • Viton seals
  • Improves well safety by eliminating moving parts on surface.
  • Environmentally friendly by removing potential oil leaks
  • Cost effective by removing the need for electrical hookups on traditional tubing rotators.
  • Easy addition to existing wells by keeping the well head configuration the same.